Protect Affordable Housing and End Overdevelopment

  • Affordable housing in New York City does not reflect the real income levels in our community. Unfortunately, only the federal government can change how Average Median Income is calculated without losing critical funding. That's why I am calling on the federal government to create independent AMI levels for each New York City county- just like wealthy suburban Westchester and Rockland counties have done.
  • We must protect all New Yorkers from skyrocketing rents that are driving New Yorkers out of their homes. I will advocate making all apartments in New York City rent regulated.
  • Families and seniors are struggling with the cost of staying in their own homes throughout the 39th District. Additionally, many single-family houses are being torn down and rebuilt as multi-family buildings, but this has not made housing more affordable. Overdevelopment is a rampant problem across our neighborhoods. I will fight for smarter development - focusing on affordable housing and improved transportation options.
  • The cost of living, especially housing, continues to increase across NYC and our neighborhoods. However, many seniors live on a fixed income and property tax increases can jeopardize our long-time residents with unaffordable tax bills. We must protect the backbone of our community - our seniors - from displacement. I am working to expand property tax relief for homeowners.
  • We need real MCI reforms. I will create transparency in rent bills, clear paths of recourse for tenants that are taken advantage of by predatory landlords, and limit MCI's subsidies to buildings that are 100% rent regulated.